Our Cooking With Cancer CookBook:

Prescription to Taste: A Cooking Guide For Cancer Patients


Place Setting - SOLD OUT
Consists of One Cooking with Cancer Dinner Plate, Soup Bowl and Single Cup and Saucer with the black Cooking with Cancer logo.
Image Place Setting

Dinner Plate - SOLD OUT
White China Cooking with Cancer Dinner Plate 11.75" with black logo.
Image Dinner Plate

Cup & Saucer - SOLD OUT
White China Cooking with Cancer Cup and Saucer with black logo.
Image Cup & Saucer

Soup Bowl - SOLD OUT
White China Cooking with Cancer Soup Bowl 2" depth with black logo.
Image Soup Bowl


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All china was specifically designed with the patient in mind. Our oversized china has a small center.  In designing the plates we went with two concepts.  The first, was by utilizing the center of the plate only, patients can enjoy a nutritious meal without overwhelming anxiety of a plate full of food and no appetite.  The patient looks at the food and sees mostly plate instead of mostly food and realizes they can finish the meal.  The second, isolation. Patients have complained they feel isolated during meal times with a different plate than everyone else is using.  This concept is also good for those persons not battling illness but would like to utilize portion control meals.

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